Gunnar AKC


Handsome, smart and eager to please, Gunnar will be the perfect comapanion for you




(21 Weeks Old)



Health Guarantee:

1 Year
I Found My Family!

Meet Hazel the Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

45 lbs

We love Hazel around here! She’s a beautiful black Portuguese Water Dog with such a loveable and friendly personality. She’s great with children and also great with her puppies.


Not only is Gunnar super handsome, he’s also extremely smart, intelligent and inquisitive. He loves to figure things out and show you how smart he is.
He is really playful but he likes to make sure it’s safe before joining in. Once he trusts you, you’ll have a super loyal companion and friend for life.
His coat is the smooth, silky kind and is naturally shiny and wavy and will be super easy to care for, requiring only moderate grooming.
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