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Portuegese Water Dog puppies ready for you to adopt

We house-raise fun-loving, Hypoallergenic AKC Registered Portuguese Water Dogs that make excellent companions for life.

finding an AKC Portuguese water dog puppy is hard, but we'll make it easy

Looking for a Registered Portuguese Water Dog puppy but nervous about who you can trust? It’s tough. So many puppy sellers are just brokers and really don’t understand the breed. We raise all our own puppies, and we’re experts on the breed. We will make your adoption process easy and simple and can even offer delivery. You’ll enjoy a smooth process and enjoy years with a healthy, happy, & well-adjusted dog that become a wonderful family member.

3 simple steps to find the perfect puppy

You want a great dog but don’t want to get scammed or buy from shady brokers or resellers. We want to find really great homes for the puppies we raise. Maybe we were meant for each other. Check out our simple process and start your journey to a loveable and fun companion.

Step 1 - Find & Reserve Your puppy

Browse the Available Puppies page to find the perfect puppy then reserve it right on the website.

Step 2 - you Pickup or we'll arrange delivery

You can pick up your new puppy right here in Ohio or we can arrange a hassle free delivery of your puppy.

Step 3 - love on your new pup

We’ll give you what you need to get started and will be here if you need help. Love on your pup and enjoy life together.

happy portuguese Water Dog Families

We love the feedback we get from the families who adopt one of our puppies! Check out a some of the fun videos and images we’ve gotten from our Portuguse Water Dog puppy parents.

A few of our favorite portuguese water dog puppies...

I Found My Family


Portuguese Water Dog
I Found My Family

Ross AKC

Portuguese Water Dog
I Found My Family

Hannigan AKC

Portuguese Water Dog
I Found My Family

Chandler AKC

Portuguese Water Dog
I Found My Family


Portuguese Water Dog
I Found My Family

Gunther AKC (Special Needs)

Portuguese Water Dog
I Found My Family

Joey AKC

Portuguese Water Dog
I Found My Family

Phoebe AKC

Portuguese Water Dog

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Why We Like Portuguese Water Dogs

Picking the perfect breed can be a challenge… How do you know if you’re making the right decision? We think Portuguese Water Dogs are an excellent choice for many families. They were bred as working dogs so they are excellent to train and smart. Unlike some other working breeds however, they are also very affectionate and wonderful with children. They can be protective but are easily trained not be be if desired. You’ll love your life with a Portuguese Water Dog.

Active & Strong






We only raise a few litter a year so you if you want to find out as soon as we have a new litter available, sign up for our new litter alerts by email and/or text.

A few more happy endings...

Everyone loves a good happy ending story… Check out these happy ending puppy stories from a few of our favorite families.

Zoe aka Cupcake

She is an Amazing Family dog. We love her sooooo Much!!! We truly feel so blessed to have her.


Our baby loves our Portuguese Water Dogs!

So gentle and absolutely adorable together! We love seeing our Portuguese Water Dogs loving on our baby.


Update on ( Dakota) He

Update on ( Dakota)
He is doing great! He’s now 20 pound and love people!

We play in the snow a lot with him and he now know some tricks!

We are really happy with him, he even come with me at work so he practically never alone!

There is a couple pictures of him.

Mathieu Samuel