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We love hearing from our puppy parents! Here is some of the feedback we’ve received from them.

Zoe aka Cupcake

She is an Amazing Family dog. We love her sooooo Much!!! We truly feel so blessed to have


Our baby loves our Portuguese Water Dogs!

So gentle and absolutely adorable together! We love seeing our Portuguese Water Dogs loving on our


Update on ( Dakota) He

Update on ( Dakota) He is doing great! He’s now 20 pound and love people! We play in the snow

Mathieu Samuel

happy portuguese Water Dog Families

We love the feedback we get from the families who adopt one of our puppies! Check out a some of the fun videos and images we’ve gotten from our Portuguse Water Dog puppy parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can have your puppy delivered to your area in a special puppy delivery bus. If you are able to pick up your puppy here in Ohio we do recommend that but if you are not able to pick we can deliver. Your pup will ride in style in a specially designed bus that will bring your puppy to your area where you will meet in a convenient location. Costs vary by location but will range from $400 – $650

You can check out our puppy delivery routes in more detail here.

Yes! We only sell Portuguese Water Dogs that we raise ourselves. We don’t sell Portuguese Water Dogs for other breeders so you know you are getting a healthy, well-raised puppy that is well-adjusted and ready to live in a new home with you.

We sure do! We do our best to make sure that adoption is a perfect fit for you and your puppy. Our Portuguese Water Dog Puppies come with a 6-month conditional health guarantee. We ask that you provide annual vet exams for your puppy and keep your puppy current on all shots and vaccines.

We do not guarantee against common illnesses such as Coccidia, Giardia, Worms, Kennel Cough, or hernias and NO guarantee is made as to disposition or conformation of the dog. We also do not guarantee the size of your adult dog.