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We know finding and adopting the perfect puppy into your family is a big deal!  Find out more about My Portuguese Water Dogs, how we raise our puppies, and why we love the Portuguese Water Dog breed below…

Who we are


A number of years ago when we first thought about raising our own puppies we knew we had to find a breed that would be excellent with families. Our goal was to impact families acroos the country in a positive way so priority number one was to raise a breed that made an excellent family pet. We’re glad to say we acomplished our goal in raising Portuguese Water Dogs!

We love the outdoors and enjoy it by hiking, camping, canoeing and working on our mini-farm. We wanted a breed that would keep up with our active livestyle and enjoy the outdoors with us. Our Portuguese Water Dogs love the outdoors almost as much as we do and being able to hike, camp and travel with our dogs is such a treat. Getting to share that treat with our puppy adopting parents is also a joy and we love it!

How we raise our puppies


Raising puppies that are healthy, good with people, easy to train, and well-adjusted is… well, it’s a lot of work! We think it’s worth it though. When you spend the extra time to play with the puppies, make sure each puppy is getting the nutrition they need and ensure excercise happens every day, well, it makes you sleep pretty well at night. 🙂

We use a method called Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) to help our puppies be well-adjusted and great with people. This method was developed by experts in dog training and is especially helpful when used in the first three weeks of a puppy’s life. You can learn more about ENS in this helpful video.

Of course we also make sure all our puppies are vet-checked and up-to-date on all vaccines. We even offer a 1-Year Genetic conditional health guarantee on all our puppies for your peace of mind.

Why We Like Portuguese Water Dogs

Picking the perfect breed can be a challenge… How do you know if you’re making the right decision? We think Portuguese Water Dogs are an excellent choice for many families. They were bred as working dogs so they are excellent to train and smart. Unlike some other working breeds however, they are also very affectionate and wonderful with children. They can be protective but are easily trained not be be if desired. You’ll love your life with a Portuguese Water Dog.

Active & Strong




want to come for a visit?

Portuguese Water Dogs are still relatively rare in the United States but we think everyone should get to spend some time with a Portie and find out why we’re in love with them.

Our mini farm in Fresno, Ohio, is an excellent place for you to do just that. Our dogs love interacting with visitors and other animals, spending the day outside in the sunshine playing in the lush green grass, or loafing in the shade. If you want to visit and hang out with our adult dogs or puppies, call us, and we’ll arrange a time for you to hang out a bit.

happy portuguese Water Dog Families

We love the feedback we get from the families who adopt one of our puppies! Check out a some of the fun videos and images we’ve gotten from our Portuguse Water Dog puppy parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can have your puppy delivered to your area in a special puppy delivery bus. If you are able to pick up your puppy here in Ohio we do recommend that but if you are not able to pick we can deliver. Your pup will ride in style in a specially designed bus that will bring your puppy to your area where you will meet in a convenient location. Costs vary by location but will range from $400 – $650

You can check out our puppy delivery routes in more detail here.

Yes! We only sell Portuguese Water Dogs that we raise in our home. We don’t sell Portuguese Water Dogs for other breeders, so you know you are getting a healthy, well-raised puppy that is well-adjusted and ready to live in a new home with you.

We sure do! We do our best to make sure that adoption is a perfect fit for you and your puppy. Our Portuguese Water Dog Puppies come with a 1-year Genetic conditional health guarantee. We ask that you provide annual vet exams for your puppy and keep your puppy current on all shots and vaccines.

We do not guarantee against common illnesses such as Coccidia, Giardia, Worms, Kennel Cough, or hernias, and NO guarantee is made as to the disposition or conformation of the dog. We also do not guarantee the size of your adult dog.