We love our Portuguese Water Dog paretns. They’re our pets and love with us, not in a kennel somwhere. Check out our moms and dads.

Our Puppy Mothers

Check out our lovely Portuguese Water Dog puppy moms.


Portuguese Water Dog


Lady loves hanging out with HER people and will take all the kisses and cuddles you can give her.


Portuguese Water Dog


Chloe the Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog


We love Chloe’s beautiful Chocolate and white colors! She loves the outdoors and hiking and is a wonderful pet. She’s also amazing with her puppies and makes she each one is cared for well.

Hazel the Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

45 lbs

We love Hazel around here! She’s a beautiful black Portuguese Water Dog with such a loveable and friendly personality. She’s great with children and also great with her puppies.

Rainie the Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog


Rainie is a gorgeous white and black Portuguese Water Dog. She captured my heart with her sweet face and dark eyes. when she lays down for a tummy rub her adorable ears flop back and she looks just like a bunny. She is big on her snaggles and kisses! When we go for of the leash walking she is always running back to see if we are still coming and for a little ear scratching. She is a sweetheart! she loves being a mother and does a wonderful job with her puppies. Sometimes she even tries to help out the the others by jumping in and caring for their pups. Rainie is truly a loving girl.

Our Puppy Fathers

Check out our lovely Portuguese Water Dog puppy dads.


Portuguese Water Dog


Chip has a very friendly, outgoing personality and loves to meet new people and make new friends. He also loves playing with children.

Prince the Poodle



Prince is a lovely, fun-loving goofball with gorgeous white, black, tan and even some merle coloring.