NuVet Plus

Delivering Your Puppy

We’ll deliver your puppy safe and sound! Check out our delivery routes below.

Puppy Delivery Via Ground

Our professional puppy delivery service is available anywhere East of the Mississippi River. The exception is that it’s not available above the bottom 3rd of MI, WI & ME, and also not in RI.

 We’ve worked with several different transportation companies over the years and this company is the best one. They are highly trained professionals who love what they do. Their communnication while en-route is tops and they will deliver the puppy directly to your home for $345

Your pup will ride in style in a  puppy bus customized specifically for this purpose. 


If you are located somewhere that the delivery service is not available, we can arrange for a flight for your puppy to be flown to an airport near you where you will pick up your puppy.

 The price for that is $595.

North-Eastern States Route

South-Eastern States Route


Florida Delivery Route

Have a question about puppy delivery?

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about having your Portuguese Water Dog delivered. Contact us below.