Fiona AKC


Fiona carries an air of calm confidence about her that is so attractive and desirable




(21 Weeks Old)



Health Guarantee:

1 Year
I Found My Family!

Meet Hazel the Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

45 lbs

We love Hazel around here! She’s a beautiful black Portuguese Water Dog with such a loveable and friendly personality. She’s great with children and also great with her puppies.


A calm self assurance is about the best way to describe Fiona! She’s not bossy or pushy but confident in all she does, wether that is showering you with kisses or leading her siblings in playtime. You will love her self-assurance when you take her home.
Her coat type is smooth, silky and shiny, just like her mom’s.
She has such a bright future ahead of her and we’re excited for her to meet her forever family!

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