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Tate AKC


Sharp, handsome markings on the outside only compliment the adorable personality on the inside of this little charmer….  keep scrolling for all the delightful details about him….

Handsome, charming little Tate is currently being house raised and potty trained to make the transition to your home super smooth and easy.

In this litter, there are bigger puppies and smaller puppies, Tate falls right in the middle in size and he’s also kind of a middle of the pack kind of puppy, he’s not out front taking charge of everything but he’s also not in the back of the pack either.

Friendly and outgoing, he loves people just as well as he likes his siblings. When he isn’t playing and tumbling with his siblings, he loves to climb into your lap for happy puppy kisses or to snuggle up and sleep. Sometimes he is running all over, other times he is super relaxed and chill, so a nice mixture of both.
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(29 Weeks Old)



Health Guarantee:

1 Year
I Found My Family!

Meet Remi

Portuguese Water Dog


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We had the opportunity to acquire Chip when he was a year old and it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. He is such a big teddy bear and has the most chill, easy going temperament that we could ask for. We love his built and structure, he’s a big, husky dog but his whole demeanor is what is really endearing. Everyone that meets him falls head over heels in love with him.

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