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Sebastian AKC


A beautiful, wavy white coat, adorable black eye patches, and a sweet, bouncy personality make him a wonderful Christmas present and a great companion. Keep scrolling for all the wonderful details about him…

Handsome little Sebastian is currently being house raised and potty trained to make the transition to your home easier…

Sebastian is so adorable with his black “bandit” eye patches on his beautiful wavy white coat and his adorable little nose…. He has displayed a love for playing and also loves to relax and chill in your lap. He’ll be just the perfect companion for someone that loves the outdoors but also wants a dog that can handle down time as well… We absolutely Can’t wait to see what kind of a home he will be going to.
We would be happy to do a video chat with you to show him to you.




(30 Weeks Old)



Health Guarantee:

1 Year
I Found My Family!

Meet Chip

Portuguese Water Dog


We had the opportunity to acquire Chip when he was a year old and it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. He is such a big teddy bear and has the most chill, easy going temperament that we could ask for. We love his built and structure, he’s a big, husky dog but his whole demeanor is what is really endearing. Everyone that meets him falls head over heels in love with him.

Meet Rainie the Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog


Rainie is a gorgeous white and black Portuguese Water Dog. She captured my heart with her sweet face and dark eyes. when she lays down for a tummy rub her adorable ears flop back and she looks just like a bunny. She is big on her snuggles and kisses! When we go for of the leash walking she is always running back to see if we are still coming and for a little ear scratching. She is a sweetheart! she loves being a mother and does a wonderful job with her puppies. Sometimes she even tries to help out the the others by jumping in and caring for their pups. Rainie is truly a loving girl.


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